The McDermott Community Larder

    This third community larder was built during COVID-19 lockdown from almost entirely scavenged and found materials. The wood, sheet materials, paint and varnish were all free. The only costs were pest-proof mesh for the doors and some screws.
The McDermott Community Larder was built and installed with permission in the McDermott Road Community Gardens 

See the location here!

Record numbers of people rely on food banks in the UK. During a global pandemic, we are experiencing unprecedented levels of food insecurity as already stretched food aid crumbles under new pressures. Well intentioned charities that tackle poverty (like food banks) are sticking-plaster solutions, incapable of fundamental or long-term change.
In this crisis within a crisis, we are all rediscovering the true value of food. As innately social animals, we have evolved to unite around food to better thrive as a species. It is a vital communication tool in that you feed to protect, and you share food to show love.

This project aims to start a wider conversation about food insecurity by utilising the notion of commensality (the practice of eating together and sharing food) within urban communities. By making a collection of Community Larders, placing them in public locations, encouraging people to share what they can, and take what they need, I hope to start a new food economy based on shared resources and experiences rather than monetary transactions.