Solar Ovens

    Cooking low and slow, like many recipes for ‘cheap-eats’ suggest, costs money in the form of energy bills: using a microwave, gas for the hob, the constant running of a fridge in which to keep food fresh. As does equipment; even the most basic of kitchens needs things to cook on and in. And all of this assumes that someone has a home, with a kitchen to cook in in the first place. 
Could we utilise the power of the sun to cook food so we no longer have to rely on these traiditional appliances, spaces or power?
Yes! Solar ovens are used regularly all over the world. In the UK? No. We just do not have enough sunshine... but on a rare sunny day we can slowly heat up our food using DIY solar ovens that are easy to make and use clean, free energy.

Why not try making your own solar oven on a sunny day to see what happens!