Off Grid Kitchen

    Modern-day hunger is unacceptable. With a distracted government and uncertainty surrounding our country’s future, we can’t wait for policy to fix a broken system.
Food as a valuable commodity is one of its biggest contradictions; food is essential to life at a cost.

The best meals are eaten together, so let’s embrace communities working together to feed their hungry neighbours. The Off Grid Kitchen aims to expand the boundaries of a traditional kitchen, allowing anyone to cook anywhere. It is powered by renewable, free, clean, infinate energy sources: wind, solar and rain and features an anaerobic digesting-composter to convert food waste into clean bio-gas to cook with.

Let’s go off grid and cook nutritious and sustainable meals, feeding those that need it most and strengthening our communities.

The model is made from recycled aluminium ‘tin’ cans. The most common food item to be donated to food banks in the UK is tinned food. Aluminium is eternally recyclable and often worth more than the food it contains.

What does this say about the value we put on the food thats fuels our bodies?