Help-Yourself-        Shelf

    Humans are innately social animals who have evolved to join together around food to thrive better as a species; it is a vital communication tool: you feed to protect, you share food to show love.
The Help-Yourself-Shelf aims to start a wider conversation about food insecurity by utilising the notion of commensality (the practise of eating together and sharing food) within urban communities. By making a collection of community larders placed in public locations, and encouraging people to share what they can and take what they need,  the hope is to start a new food-economy based on shared resources and experiences rather than monetary transactions.
An open-source manual enables any community to recreate their own. By filling the streets with shared, accessible food, we can take ownership of the food security in our neighbourhoods and ultimately, ensure every one has enough to eat.

This is the the first protoype community larder. It now has a permanent home at The Copleston Centre in Peckham where it is in constant use.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about starting a community larder in your own community ︎