The Doorstep Foodbank Project

    Our natural instincts as humans has been to hoard food in times if crisis. Is there something in your cupboard that you bouight in the stockpiling-panic that you could spare?
Already stretched food banks, many of which have had to close, are unable to cope with the colossal numbers of people suddenly turning to emergency food aid in order to be able to feed themselves and their families. 
The Doorstep Foodbank Project aims to offer a way for communties to support those struggling to access enough food.
Simply share any food you can, make a mini-foodbank-

box and place it somewhere visible: on doorsteps, front walls, public benches-wherever. Make sure you label it- letting your neighbours they can take what they need.
Now is the time to come together and support our neighbours and communities with small acts of kindness that can accumulate to help people unable to access food in this global crisis. Make a Doorstep Foodbank and share what you can. Let’s fill the streets with Doorstep Foodbanks. Let’s start a food revolution based on social interaction and sharing that well lives well beyond covid-19 lockdown and becomes part of the ‘new-normal’.

Could we create a widespread movement that can help feed every community?

This is an ongoing project. Join in and make your own Doorstep Foodbank!

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